“Great job! Loved how the meat absorbs any flavor and changes textures depending on the method of cooking.”

Sudiip Goswami

“The texture, chewiness and taste of the plant meat biriyani was very very good.
It definitely competes very strongly and effectively from meat biryanis, and is a fantastic product to use and to depend upon for nutrition.”

Shweta Sachdeva

“Sumptuous biryani with plant meat. We were so thrilled to eat plant meat biryani which tasted almost like meat biryani
with high protein content. Such a thoughtful idea. It’s really an evolved food. Enjoyed every bite of it. Thnx dear team for a wonderful taste experience.”

Indranil Chatterjee

“Thank you Pradeep, great-tasting biryani and excellent texture of meat analogue pieces, firm and intact.
Wishing you all the success and thanks for this sumptuous dinner.”

Mahesh Mukundan

“It arrived at 6:45 pm and it’s all cleaned up by 7:01 pm. The packaging and presentation couldn’t stop us from opening it before dinner.The aroma and appearance couldn’t stop us from tasting it.The taste and satisfaction couldn’t stop us from finishing it in no time 🙂 Super stuff! “Evolved Foods” is definitely going to evolve the veg segment and make the non-veg segment
realize that it’s not all about meat always.”