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Let us kickstart the reading with this — “None of us is as smart as all of us.” — Ken Blanchard

Teamwork makes the dream work.

You must have heard this phrase countless times. What does it mean? Simply that you can achieve your biggest obstacles if you have a team that shares a common goal and works together to achieve it. Every team member knows what their purposes are and how exactly they can go about achieving it — together.

As Andrew Carnegie rightly said, “It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

You don’t build a culture and get people on board by holding a virtual meeting, but that’s what the lockdown pushed us all to do. You need people to engage with what you want to achieve. From a team development perspective, we ought to look at what’s important and find ways to get people’s heads out of that Covid space; to get everyone together to see how we make things work going forward.

Businesses and companies have started to reopen as we make our way through the current pandemic. However, for many, it’s been months since they have been in an office environment, working face-to-face with their fellow employees. So, now that our entire team is back at work, we planned on getting together for an inimitable activity, to
enhance communication and encourage one another.

One thing that unifies every business right now is their greatest asset — their people. We hold this to a high regard and we know that when employees are happy and secure within their roles, their level of commitment to their job and their team is much higher. So, how do we build culture and resilience after a pandemic?

· Create a culture that aligns with your core values

· Learn from each other’s experience

· Encourage to communicate better

· Have fun

· Work as a team to evolve and nurture your culture

Therefore, we are going to delve deep into something important and exciting that we were a part of recently.

It was a Monday morning. All our team members sat in a circle, filled with anticipation, wondering what exactly is going to take place.

We had Vimarsha Jain, wellness consultant and founder of Ritam, facilitate a deep and powerful session with our team at Evolved.

An empathetic, delightful, and light-hearted personality who assisted us to dig deep into our core and reflect. This isn’t what one would term as “conventional team building”, but we sure did build and open up a lot.

We began by sharing our respective life-altering experiences with each other and acknowledged the team member’s efforts. This in turn helped us in tracing the key skills that we all could bring onto our work platform.

Vimarsha helped us all in understanding each other better, giving us a clearer idea of what we want and don’t.

A very engaging task was handed to us, where all of us were to act as a celebrity and the rest of the team members perform as part of the press. The main reason we did this was to demonstrate the value we hold for each other and connect in a much profound sense.

This was indeed a fun and gripping session we were thrilled to be a part of.

We spent some time to envision where Evolved Foods would be in five years. We received heartening and inspiring responses from all members, visions that are sure to motivate us in our journey forward.

A large part of the activity was envisaging who we really are inside, our primary values, what “Evolved” means to us, and being appreciative of one another.

We were taught about how Appreciative Inquiry of organizational life is one of the greatest, yet least recognized resources in the management field today. This has demonstrated that human systems grow in the direction of their persistent inquiries, and this propensity is strongest and most sustainable when the means and ends of inquiry are positively correlated.

In the exercise Vimarsha conducted, we touched upon the positive core strengths of our teammates. Linking the energy of this core directly to any agenda suddenly creates and mobilizes topics never before thought possible.

In the process, we were able to understand our collective goals better and how working as a team will propel us to reach them.

Towards the end, we were charged-up, like a new energy inside us, ready to take on the world, and make every day the best.

We are grateful for Vimarsha’s assistance and support. This certainly gave us the strength to strive through.

We are certain this will bring an essence of togetherness and unity that we’ve never experienced in our lifetime. Because we’re all on this ride together. We may as well hold each other’s hands as we hurtle into the unknown.

Stay tuned for our next blog, one that you wouldn’t want to miss reading on.

Until next time,

Team Evolved

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